Youtube Polyglot Community

YouTube PolyGlot community

Meet and great other YouTube polyglots and language exhibitionists. 

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Do you need language learning materials? I am here to help you!

Naomis Selection of Language Learning Materials
You have made one of the best decisions of your life! Becoming a polyglot will bring you lifelong rewards from places you never expected. You will make friends that you otherwise never would have made. You will develop a richer appreciation of other cultures, beliefs, values and norms. You will also be more marketable to future employers. There is nothing negative that will happen because you decided to learn more than one language.
One of the first obstacles is in choosing your language learning programs correctly. Do you take a class at a community college or University? Do you try one of those online language learning programs? Do you buy software? What books should you buy? How do you schedule your time?
No matter what you chose to use – you will have to be consistent and work at it a little each day. From personal experience, I like mixing things up a bit. I recommend taking a class if you need discipline. If you have discipline and can do it on your own, invest in at least three different language learning programs.
In the store below, I have selected some of my favorite programs. I recommend that you buy THREE items for your target language. Amazon will combine shipping. This list of programs took me a long time to gather. Please take the time to browse through it. Let me know if there is something in particular that you need.

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