Finding The Right Software and Books

When you embark on this journey, it is important to chose your language learning materials wisely. 

If you are not taking a class, remember that I will always recommend that you purchase at least three different products to master your target language.

This list of materials will be updated periodically. There are always new books, programs and materials being published. If you are a publisher, please contact me if you would like your products linked here as well. 

Foreign Language Books For Children LINK
Romanian Books For Children
French Books For Children

 If you are taking a Romance language at your local college or University, purchase 501 Fully Conjugated Verbs published by Barron’s Educational Series. I found these books very useful when learning French, Italian and Spanish. 501 Conjugated Verbs will not teach you the language, but it is a excellent reference. 

PIMSLER LANGUAGE LEARNING PACKAGES - These packages are available in over 50 languages! Check out the links below...

ASSIMIL - This is a highly recommended language learning series. 

Please make a small donation to The Polyglot Experience. I am asking for small donations of only $4.00. With these funds I will purchase language materials. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

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