How to be a Polyglot

Hello Readers,

If you are here then you are interested in becoming fluent in two or more languages. From personal experience, I can tell you that you have a long and difficult road ahead. Language learning is a laborious process. It requires daily work, writing until your hand cramps and making embarrassing mistakes. Do not expect to have any level of fluency in a very long time. Many language programs will tell you that if you buy their product you will learn the language quickly. It is a lie. It takes years to know a language.

About me. I studied French at George Mason University, then went on to learn Italian at Hunter College in Manhattan. I am now learning Spanish in Mexico while teaching myself other languages with the many online language learning resources out there. At the moment I am really into learning Swedish and just purchased a few Swedish grammar books. Languages is not the only thing I do, nor is it the only thing I enjoy. I also professionally edit videos, put together short films, and edit other peoples work. I enjoy writing, painting, and many different kinds of sports. 

This blog is not so much about me. It is about the unique language learning process polyglots go through. I will discuss major world languages, rare languages, and maybe even a few dead languages. This blog will discuss the languages, online resources, books, and software.

To begin. If you would like to be a cultured polyglot, you will need to know what to expect.
  • You are learning your second language. You are a teenager or adult. You are learning by self teaching or taking classes at a community college. It will take you about FIVE years before you are fluent.
  • You are already fluent in two languages and you are learning a third language. You are learning the language by taking classes at a community college or University. You will become fluent in Two or Three  years.
  • Learning a language requires daily practice. No short cuts.
  • Learning another language is always a lot of work no matter how many other languages you speak.
  • Depending on the amount of time you have to study, you can learn as many languages as you want to learn.
  • The key to language learning is PASSION. If you do not really want to learn the language, you won´t.
  • There is never one single language program that will teach you the language. Invest in a minimum of THREE language programs. Living Language Pimsleur Rosetta Stone - you can download a lot of these programs for free. 
  • You can become fluent without living abroad.
  • Use the free online language learning programs, like Live MochaLinguanotForvo , Linkua, Quizlet or LingoFriends.This blog will update you on new online language learning programs.
  • Expect to spend money on books and tuition. 
  • Try to personalize the language material. Be creative..write about yourself in your target language. Write about your friends, family, emotions, and life experiences. 
  • Watch Television in your target languages Global T.V.  and WWI.Tv. 
  • As you work everyday on your target language(s), you will find that people respond to you differently. They will praise you, admire you and respect you. You will be surprised how it will define you as a person. Remember to be humble. Even as you receive hundreds of compliments from people, respond to the compliments with humility. Do not let your new skills get to your head.
Bon Courage!


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