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Un mensaje para todos los mexicanos

Apologies to to everyone who doesn't understand Spanish This is my post regarding "The 150 billion dollar Wall" Trump thinks Mexicans should pay for. I proposes some policies the Mexican government should consider changing with the United States, First, here are some facts about Mexican tourism and foreign currency spent in Mexico. The Mexican president cancelled his meeting with Trump after many of his cabinet members urged him to do so. Trump, not wanting to look like the one who was dumped, claimed that the meeting was "mutually" cancelled. 

25.8 million international tourists visited Mexico, increasing 9.7% from last year.
American passengers by air were confirmed as the main market. A total 6,855,624 visited the country in from January to October 2015, an increase of 16.1% from the same period in 2014.
The economic benefit generated by international visitors rose to $14.151 billion USD from January to October this year, which represents a growth of 8.2% over the same period in 2014.

In the first six months of 2015, 7,886.19 thousands of tourists entered the country by air, which represents a growth rate of 10%.
1130 thousands of tourists entered by land, which represents a 11.4% growth rate, compared with the same period of time in last year. I have no reason to think this is going to change. Foreign money will continue to flow in Mexico.
What Trump is actually proposing is that Mexican people pay for the wall - not the Mexican government. He cannot force a government to pay anything. Trump wants to use the patriot act to prevent Mexicans from sending money back to their families in Mexico. This includes Mexican Americans, or even myself, an American woman born and reared in Seattle Washington. All American's will not be able to send money to Mexico. It is absolutely wrong to say only certain people can't send money to Mexico while other's can't. It is only fair then, that Trump says no person can ever send money to their families in their home country. Do you really think that would work? It's a fantasy and will never work.  Nor will Trump be able to pass travel restrictions to Mexico, and prevent American's from spending their money on hotels, taxis and restaurants. 

The Truth About Mexican Trade
Trade: In 1993, before NAFTA took effect (which it did in January 1994), Mexico bought $41 billion in goods and services from the U.S. and sold $39 Billion worth to the United States. Total: $80 billion. In the first year of NAFTA, the $80 billion increased to $99 billion, a 25 percent increase.
Ten years after NAFTA started, total trade between the U.S. and Mexico was $145 billion — an increase of 55 percent. In 2003, almost twenty years after NAFTA began, total trade with Mexico was $506 billion — half a trillion dollars — which is 632 percent more than 1994.

My proposal to President Enrique Peña Nieto

Take into consideration that not all these proposals will work. Some will, some won't at all, some just a little. This is only my thoughts on the situation. Unlike Trump, I do have the humility to admit some proposals (particularly number 1. might be scrapped immediately.)

1. Levy a boarder tax against Americans products manufactured in the United States at a rate of 20%. Trump plans on doing this by renegotiating NAFTA. If it's okay for America then it should be okay for Mexico to do the same. NAFTA is an agreement signed by The United States, Mexico, and Canada to ensure low tariffs and free trade among those three countries. According to, 233.91 million Americans (note: American population is 320 million) purchase Mexican products in our grocery stores. Many fruits and vegetables that cannot grow in are climates must be imported. As NAFTA is a three country agreement, I would encourage Mexico to maintain open and free trade with Canada, ensuring Canadians can purchase Mexican goods without tariffs or penalties. 
2. Implement a tourism visa for all American's which is equal to that imposed by the United States. 
3. Terminate all eligibility for tax return to American citizens visiting Mexico by cruise or air. To be eligible for the tax refund, you must have spent at least 1200 pesos on Mexican goods.
4. All persons purchasing pesos in Mexico with American currency must pay 3 centados for every 1 peso they exchange in Mexico. 
5. Levy a small tax on American business doing business in Mexico, like fast food, Costco and so forth. Again - taxes on these American businesses should be relatively small to keep large American food imports to easily enter Mexico. 
6. Reduce Union control over Mexican businesses. I know the idea of unions are good, but Unions prevent Mexican business owners from terminating bad/unproductive employees. We need to encourage more self-employment in Mexico, current union control makes this more difficult for the average worker. Mexican's need to be more open minded about their businesses, try new things, and manufacture more of their own products. They need to focus on quality control. McDonalds for example, tried to use local chicken for their chicken nuggets but had to scrap the plan. They tried it, Mexican chicken farmers could not implement better quality control. Unfortunately, unions get in the way of all this. Who lost in this one? The local farmers lost.

7. Order all new infrastructure uses Mexican made steel, pipes and concrete. If the infrastructure is Mexican - all products in construction should also be Mexican. This encourages new business and more jobs for the Mexican worker. 
8. As Americans drive the Mexican drug wars, (Americans are the consumers of these drugs, ) American Visa/Tourist visa holders convicted of drug offenses should have to pay an additional $500 dollars for the privilege of entering Mexico.

9. Levy a small tax on Mexican agriculture products sent to the United States. Mexico has great agriculture, and in theory, does not need to rely on American food products. American's however, do rely on Mexico for off season items, especially those that grow only in Mexico.

Of course, all these policy changes won't work, but maybe some will. I hope Mexico makes it clear Americans will pay the 150 billion money pit, covering 2 thousand miles of mountains, rivers, villages, lakes. Lets not forget all the animals that migrate these lands, including our own beloved monarch
Monarch Butterfly Migration to
Mexico for hybernation
butterfly that can't exist without being able to fly over that damn wall.

Although I do not think Mexico will end up paying for Trumps money pit, if Mexico pays a little bit (which is probably what will happen), there are many ways to recuperate those loses by imposing small tariffs upon Americans. I see how Mexico can make money out of this.

Making common good Mexican people pay for something a few "bad hombres" do is extremely immoral. There would be arguments why every person should pay for crimes committed by certain members of the same ethnicity. It's illogical and just plain weird. It's clear to me, that morality and fairness are not Trumps attributes. 

Based on the number of people visiting Mexico from all over the world (a number increasing over the last few years) And the own economic growth I saw while living in Mexico, think these policies will not harm Mexican tourism in the slightest. Mexico will continue to get tourist dollars. The pyramids, Aztec ruins and all the culture in Mexico will still be a world wide attraction.

American's Spring Break In Mexico
I doubt this is going to change anytime soon

As Mexico knows, there is a negative immigration rate with the United States. More Mexicans willingly go home because the Mexican economy is stronger than the rest of Latin America. Most ethnic-anglo-centric Americans don't know this. But then, those types have no interest in learning about the world around them. The wall will for a period of time keep drugs out of the United States. But also, the wall will prevent smugglers from smuggling all those weapons into Mexico. The red-neck ethno - anglo centric American who knows nothing of the world has no idea that damn near all the guns used to murder thousands of Mexicans every year are manufactured, sold in The United States and smuggled into Mexico.

Mexico does not have a second amendment, they do not have gun stores, and only police/military are allowed weapons. (DUH) Those bad hombres use our second amendment rights to run their cartels.

If American's wanted to be smart about this, instead of spending money on a 150 billion dollar money pit, they would instead, legalizing, taxing, and regulating American drug use. If it wasn't for the American consumer - the Cartels would have nobody to sell to. Think about it. Who is really causing this problem?

All in all, I think Mexican focus should be about building a better, stronger Mexico. As Voltaire wrote in Candide, "tend to your own garden".  This does require a Mexican mentality change. Protect yourself from the 150 billion dollar money pit that will certainly fail - but also think about your own economic growth. Think about how you can improve your own infrastructure, reduce union control. Use your own manufactured products, or even lead the world in green energy. Mexicans are just as smart, and when given opportunities they can be just as creativity and resourcefulness as any other person. It all comes down to mentality change. I think the Mexican government should invest in solar panels and wind mills in the northern states, as close as we can get to the 'Great Wall of Trump". That way, when you sell your clean energy to the Americans (and yes, it eventually will happen) who will have to cut a big hole in that wall to channel the energy? That's right, you guessed it - American companies will because the wall will have to be on American soil.

With Trump, you have to fight fire with fire. Trump can sense weakness like a dog can sense fear. These economic changes will feel small, to American tourists who can afford to go there in the first place. But as we know, each peso adds up - and the Americans will end up paying for their own damn wall. 
Pity the next president who will have to abandon Trumps money pit wall. That person, whomever they are, will have one hell of a deficit and mess to clean up. Trump is clearly a mentally ill person who does not research facts. His election was white-lash, angry people who don't want to take responsibility for their own livelihood. If you want to man up - do it yourself, don't rely on the government to do it for you. If I tell the Mexicans to rely upon only themselves to solve their own problems, being an American woman I am saying the same exact thing to Americans. Get off your lazy asses, start your own businesses, and stop making excuses for your own failures.

Although many people, including myself, want to be hopeful and want to wish him success, it's hard to get past this blatant stupidity that will only hurt our economy.

- Naomi Parrish

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