Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Duolingo - Where users translate Wikipedia into foreign languages

I learned about this foreign language website from a TED talk. When using duolingo, not only are you learning another language but you are also translating the web.

With duolingo, people are learning with real Wikipedia content. More surprisingly, translations they get are as accurate as professional language translations. They combine the translation of multiple users, and the site translates very fast.

Users translated phrase after phrase, eventually translating all of Wikipedia into other languages!

The cost? Nothing. You pay with your time. Unlike Rosetta Stone, this program is not discriminating against the poor.

Check out the Duolingo courses -->LINK

On another note, my husband and I decided that we want our son's to learn Japanese. They boys already speak English. Every summer they go to Mexico and will be fluent in Spanish. Their Mexican relatives do not speak to them in English.

Below is a link to my son's first Japanese lesson. We will work on this all week.

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