Thursday, January 3, 2013

What alphabet is this?

Let the game begin with this image. It contains several alphabets, most of them ancient. You are looking at their numerical system only. (1-10, 1-200 etc.) This is a test to see if you can identify which ancient language it is by only their numbers. 

Leave your answers in the comment section. 
If you have time, can you identify these alphabets?


Ben Boblis said...

A: Babylonian B: Indus Valley Script. C: ?. D: Sumerian Cuneiform. E: Ancient Chinese. F: Navajo.

Persian, Urdu, ?, Korean, Tibetan, ?, ?, Amheric.

Those are my off-the-top-of-my-head guesses. I'm sure my spelling is off on some of those.


The first one is Mayan I think? I recognise the numbers.

Naomi said...

you are right, the first is Mayan.

Ryan Rumble said...

A: Mayan
B: Ancient Egyptian
c: Aztec
D: Phoenician?
F: Navaho

matt said...

Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Nahuatl -- Aztec
Babylonian Cuneiform
Ancient Chinese,

and guessing on the last one..but Navajo as mentioned above seems very plausible.

matt said...

Ancient Egyptian
Nahuatl -- Aztec
Babylonian Cuneiform

Bryant Young said...

A. Mayan
B. Egyptian
C. Looks like an older Mayan?
D. Sumerian?
E. Ancient Chinese
F. No clue... Certainly not Indo-European, Dravidian, Uralic, Sino-Tibeten, Japonic, or Austronesian...

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