Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kashmiri Language Study

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I never studied Kashmiri, Hindi or anything remotely close to these languages. However, I know that many of my readers do. In this blog you will find several images, kashmiri language, basic kashmiri phonics, sentence structure and grammar. Feel free to use these images. 

Kashmiri (कॉशुर, کأشُر Koshur) is an Indo-Aryan language and it is spoken primarily in the Kashmir Valley, in Jammu and Kashmir. There are approximately 5,527,698 speakers throughout India, according to the Census of 2001. Most of the 105,000[citation needed] speakers or so in Pakistan are émigrés from the Kashmir Valley after the partition of India.They include a few speakers residing in border villages in Neelum District.
The Kashmiri language is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India, and is a part of the Sixth Schedule in the constitution of the Jammu and Kashmir. Along with other regional languages mentioned in the Sixth Schedule, as well as Hindi and Urdu, the Kashmiri language is to be developed in the state. Some Kashmiri speakers frequently use Hindi as a second language, though the most frequently used second language is Urdu. Since November 2008, the Kashmiri language has been made a compulsory subject in all schools in the Valley up to the secondary level.

As language and culture are intertwined, it is important to also be familiar with the area's history and geography. Kashmir boarders India and Pakistan. There has been a long standing dispute over this land, causing an arms race between the two countries. From the photos of Kashmir, I think it must be a very beautiful place. It reminds me of Switzerland.

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