Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seattle Public Library is My Home

I have come to the conclusion that the Downtown Seattle Library is the best place on earth.  They have great language section located on the Seventh Floor. This does not even include all of the online sources available. 

Next time I am there, I am going to take a picture of the foreign language section, or make a video about it. It is truly one of the most amazing libraries that I have ever seen in my life.
Downtown Seattle Library

I picked this up at the Seattle Public Library

The homeless people are still there, but fortunately they are spread out in this huge place and are not very noticeable. This is truly a city for scholars and intellectuals. 

Two of the most intellectual cities I have been to in my life, are Boston and Seattle. King County and Seattle have some of the most amazing public libraries. Our library even has a coffee shop, and free computers on every floor.

I do not want to play on stereotypes here, or certainly offend anyone, but the dumbest parts of the country I have been to are probable the Carolinas, Louisiana and Texas. When I lived in Texas back in the late 90´s, there were nail salons, tanning salons, stores, big parking lots, and superficial people all trying to pretend that they are rich.

I think I should be clear that shallow people exist everywhere. Even in Seattle and Boston. When I am in Seattle I do not notice superficiality. My lawyer drove a simple car, nothing too extravagant, but nothing cheap. People in Texas would rent crappy apartments, and drive a BMW. Where am I going with all of this? I guess I am just very proud to be a Seattle girl. I am proud of my city and my State. I consider myself a Washatonian FIRST, and an American second.

Libraries, Bookstores, Coffee shops, Learning Stations, Computers, and walls covered in books makes me feel at home. Just like the rain makes me want to take a nap, some places feel right and comfortable. I love hanging out at the library even if I am not reading a book. It is a nice place to be. I know I am not as smart as many of the people in my life. I am not as talented or skilled, but being surrounded by knowledge comforts me.

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