Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cyrillic Alphabet invented by Bulgarians

Image of the First Bulgarian Empire: 681 until 1018

Did you know that the Cyrillic Alphabet was first developed by the Bulgarians? The first Bulgarian empire lasted from 681 until 1018. When I started this blog today I was going to write about the Cyrillic Alphabet. But then I had to ask myself those questions like, where did this alphabet come from? How long has it been around? What did it originate from?

I found it originated in Bulgaria. I did not know a thing about Bulgarian Empires or history.  I learned their capital city was Pliska, now in ruins. Then I was curious where exactly Pliska was located, and I found it. 

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Elvin Topalov said...

Bulgarians did not invent Kirilic alphabet. Kliment, student of Kiril and Methodius, he stole the letters from the Egyptian Coptik alphabet. They are absolutely the same letters. Todays "Bulgarians" are not the Turkic-Bulgars who founded the country.

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