Monday, June 4, 2012


Students of Indo-European language often say, that if they are going to learn another language, they would like to learn Chinese. It is one of the most spoken, and certainly one of the most useful languages on earth. 

I think that this will be one of the most difficult journeys I have ever been on. It is going to take me many years to be fluent in Chinese. With the two babies, I will not have time to study at home. So, my solution is very simple. I am going to take it slowly. 

These Living Language Chinese lessons are going straight into my I-Pod. I will keep track, and listen to them when I am jogging, walking with the babies, or walking anywhere for that matter. When I think about it, we can scrap up free time here and there. One minute here...five minutes there....ten minutes in between. 

Those minutes all add up. The culmination will be proficiency in another language. My goal, is that I will listen to Chinese five minutes per day, every day. Wish me luck!

 I like plugging in images that I collect from the internet. 

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