Saturday, June 16, 2012

Japanese Alphabet and Charts in Photos

 When I was at George Mason University I took a class called Japan at War. My professor was a fifty two year old Australian woman. She had a tramp stamp on her lower back. She was only our teacher for a few weeks because she developed spinal cancer. I do not know what happened to her, but she was a great teacher.

Anyway, what I remember about her was that she first worked as a nurse in Australia. I believe that down under, this was a five year degree. Then, she went back to school and became fluent in Japanese. I believe she earned two more degrees in Japanese. Other than being a professor at GMU, she also ran a consulting firm, helping others do business in Japan.

I learned a great deal from her about Japanese culture. It is amazing how they industrialized, and reverse engineered British, German and French technology. This was how Japan became a super power in Asia - reverse engineering. They would buy something, take it apart, learn how it worked, rebuild it, making it better.

That is F"-ing brilliant! If only other cultures had the work ethic to do something like that. Middle East and African cultures do not produce a damn thing. If only they could do what the Japanese did and understand that human power is their best resource. Unfortunately, the two things that mix together every day (culture and religion), the two things that stop thinking and progress, are what keeps people poor and ignorant.

Anyway, that is the end of my diatribe. If you are interested in learning Japanese, here is a nice list of characters from the Japanese alphabet. I must admit that I do not know a damn thing in Japanese. I am listening to Chinese on my I-pod right now. So - enjoy the images and any clicks on the ads would help me out a lot. Thanks!

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Orange said...

The Japanese didn't develop by reverse engineering, that's like saying the Greeks developed by maths or the Romans developed by writing. Developmental economics are far more complex to be attributed to a mere process.

As the de facto norm for the Eastern world the Japanese like the Chinese developed by great revolution id est. a violent purge of the old ways. The Meji Restoration (or Coup, depending on your loyalties) disposed of the Tokugawa and gave way to a period of rapid modernisation. After the repeal of the despotic medieval practices of Emperor Kōmei and the expensive, inefficient, feudal system (han), Japan reformed it's constitution, fiscal policy and army. In four decades, the former isolationist barbarians were a greater power than the Russian Empire. It has nothing to do with a work ethic but the ability to dramatically change for the better.

As far as the Middle East goes the Ottoman Empire was indisputably a greater world power than Japan prior to the turn of the 20th Century. Ottomans (like the Iranian today) used religion as a tyrannical tool to make them powerful, as opposed to religion for religions sake as we have today in Saudi Arabia or the late Emirate of Afghanistan. When religion became antiquated it gave way to the Young Turk revolution.

Africans are just... lmao. In their defence, the 1931 Constitution of Ethiopia was modelled after the Japanese Meji one of 1987. Ethiopia to this day was the only African nation to successfully resist European power in the near modern era so I suppose they were on the right track.

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