Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free Foreign Language Lessons For your I-Pod

Good Morning Everyone, I am very happy to share with you all a new website for downloading free foreign language lessons. First, a special thanks must go out to my reader Poliglotismos. He first published this website in one of his blogs. I went to the website and downloaded three languages. Swedish is one of the languages I would like to learn, so it was one of the first set of audio lessons I collected. Second was Chinese. The third lesson is Albanian. You can listen to three short lessons: Swedish, Albanian, and Chinese. I did this to give you an example of what we have on the website, and what you can chose from.

At the end of the blog, I post some language programs which you must pay for. As you know - I believe in making the Free stuff and the Payed Stuff available to my readers. Remember - we need to invest in several different programs when learning another language. There is never any one program that will do the trick.

The Website is HERE. Enjoy the videos language lovers.




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Victor Ruiz said...

hey there, I'm glad the information I've published was useful for you to learn languages.

It's amazing to share comments with people that love languages as much as I do.


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