Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hangul Korean Alphabet in photos

Hangul Alphabet
In an effort to squeeze in a little more language learning time, I downloaded many of my Pimsleur lessons into my I-Pod. I listen to them when I walk to campus, the bus or just take one of the babies out for a walk. I also listen to these lessons when I am working out in the gym. When you are short on time, you must think of creative ways of utilizing your time.

If you are not familiar with the Pimsleur method, it is an organic language learning method. I will get into it a little more in another post.

So, on my I-pod I have Korean, Chinese, Italian and Russian. The Italian lessons are too easy, I will be deleting them and looking for something more advanced. Chinese, Korean and Russian will remain.

Korean is a beautiful language in my book. Korean is descended from Proto-Korean, Old Korean, Middle Korean and Modern Korean. There are some arguments as to whether or not it is an Altaic Language. I think it is a lovely language.

As you read more of this blog, you will see that I simply included a series of pictures of the Korean Alphabet and some Korean Words. I know many of you prefer looking at the images rather than reading my boring language diatribes. :--)

Korean  - Is it of the Altaic Language Family? Or is it an isolate language?

Altaic People

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