Thursday, March 15, 2012

Language learning requires is not easy.

Meet Anthony HERE on his website Speaking Czech Fluently

Translate from one language, to another, and then another. 

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I was fluent in five languages? It is true. Not only is that true, but the language learning technique fluentczech discusses in the above mentioned video is a technique used by Elizabeth to practice and maintain her languages. Princess Elizabeth's daily routine involved translating a phase from English, to French, to Italian, to Latin, to German then back to English. She kept hundreds of notebooks. I think that this must have been very difficult for a little girl. Girls should be playing with dolls. I do not know if Elizabeth enjoyed her language learning. But I do know, from all the history books that I read about her - she was one clever girl. 

 At the age of 11, her ability to grasp and retain foreign languages was extraordinary. She was fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Latin. She had abilities in German, Welsh and Portuguese. When ambassadors called upon the royal family, Elizabeth addressed them in their native tongues. She was a brilliant child. 

I am open to new ideas. Maybe we should get a journal, write a sentence, and translate it into our target languages. It worked for one of the Greatest Queens of England. Pourquoi pas? Por qué no? Why not? Perché  no?  Proč ne? Miksi ei? Miért ne? 

Although this is irrelevant to the topic, Elizabeth I was a bit of an opportunist when it came to men. She had no intention on marrying anybody. But she  successfully play her suitors off of one another for about 25 years, gaining alliances and wealth from gifts on the possibility of marriage.

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