Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Live Mocha and Baby Updates

Hello everyone,

I dropped into my Live Mocha account today. For those of you who did not know this, Live Mocha is a Seattle based language learning social network. I was addicted to it when I was pregnant with my son. Since his birth, my internet activity has changed drastically. Six weeks ago, son number two was born. His birth posed a threat to my life. Let me put it this way, in most c-section births there is only one surgeon performing the operation. I needed THREE surgeons! So in this post I will write about two things, the birth of my third child and Live Mocha.

There was so much scar tissue that my entire abdominal cavity was not visible. The doctor could not tell where exactly my bladder was, or my ovaries, or anything. At the last minute the doctor told me she wanted to do a vertical incision because she was afraid that they would slice open my bladder.

We went into the OR, they did the vertical incision and sure enough, if they did a bikini line incision they would have cut straight through my bladder. It was my lucky day to have a good doctor who made a smart call. They also had to do the vertical incision in the event they accidentally sliced open an artery and I bled out on the table.

Before the operation I had to sign consent forms for both a blood transfusion and hysterectomy. I was pretty scared. While on the operating table, one surgeon directed the operation while another one cut me open and another one held the cavity open. From above they were able to locate my uterus, cut my uterus from above and pull my son out by his feet.

I had both an epidural and a spinal. In the event of an emergency they were going ask my husband to say good-bye and escort my husband out of the OR. From that point they were going to put me under general anesthesia and perform additional operations. They scheduled the surgery at the same time a gyno-oncologist would be on call. This person would come into the room only in case they got into real trouble.

I have three children all of them born by C-section. This birth was by far the most painful, terrifying and difficult. I made my Will before a public notary in Mexico, and seriously considered the possibility that I was going to orphan my children.

The incision was awful, and painful. I was on a lot of narcotics. The anastesiologist also used me as a case study in a new type of treatment where he injected a special medication directly into a muscle around the uterine wall. I had to sign some consent forms for him to use and,or publish my case.

I was in the hospital for longer than normal, but the care that I received was absolutely magnificent. Most importantly, I have a beautiful baby boy. Needless to say, he will be my last child. It is far to dangerous and irresponsible for me to have another child.

In the meantime I have been recovering, caring for my children, and working on a new business I am starting.

I logged into live mocha today and saw that they made a few new changes to the website. It looks a little sleeker, but it also looks like they are really trying to make money at every turn.  I would like to spend more time learning Swedish, but my role as wife and mother come first right now. I must admit I really love the role of wife and mother. My family life is fantastic. Things could not be more perfect. So even though I cannot have any more children, I am immensely happy with the three children that I do have. My daughter is wonderful, she was fluent in French and English at the age of three. Now she is learning Spanish. I am very proud of her. My two little boys are a bundle of joy.

Take Care Everyone!

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