Monday, June 20, 2011

French Language Books For Children And Toddlers

I read several books to my son every day, some books I read in the morning, others I read after lunch and before bedtime. On a daily basis my husband and I read picture books, lullabies and sing songs. Reading to babies and toddlers everyday is an essential part of their lifelong education.  Reading introduces them to concepts such as colors, objects, shapes, numbers, animals and people. The baby develops listening, memory and vocabulary schools. Children who are read to from an early age do much better in school later on in life. They have better reading comprehension skills which affects every subject they study in school.

We live in Mexico, and half of my family is Mexican, our son is exposed to both English and Spanish on a daily basis. There is no choice, he must be fluent in both. However, it is also very helpful to expose children to other languages.

Every once in a while I read to my son in French. Unfortunately, I gave all of my baby-French books to my daughter years ago. I only have two French books for children in Mexico. I do not plan on pushing French with my son. He can learn it later in life if he wants to. When he is about five or six, my husband and I agreed that his third language will be Chinese.

Anyway - if you speak French and would like your child to learn French either now, or later in life, now is as good a time as any. Below are some online bookstores and publishers who sell children´s books in French. Most of the vendors are Canadian, but some of them are in France. Click on any link to buy French books for your children.

Direct Link to Canadian Scholastic Books for Children Aged 1 - 6!

Are you interested in getting some Italian baby books for yourself or your children?

Check out this link!

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