Tuesday, February 1, 2011

International Dating Services

I have a funny feeling that I just got your attention on this one. Yes, you can meet hotties on the internet. And if you do - there is nothing wrong with it. Most people meet on the internet these days. There is nothing weird about it. Just be careful of what you post, and remember that people do lie.

There are dating websites out there where you register, pay a fee, make your profile, and start mingling. In this blog I am going to list a few of these dating sites.

So, lets say you like Swedish women or men. Well, you can start learning a little Swedish online. LiveMocha is a good start. Also, check out LinguanotSwedish to brush up on Swedish phrase. Checkout Quizlet Swedish for accurate word pronunciation. Before jumping onto any international dating site, you should start learning the language. The people will respond to you much better.

Now that you have brushed up on your Swedish, get a profile on e-kontakt.se. You must know something about the Swedish language in order to sign up. Make your profile and start meeting Swedes.

So, lets say that you want to meet someone from France for marriage or a relationship. First, start brushing up on your French language skills. Then, create a profile on Meetic, the largest franco-phone dating website. Meetic has a live chat service. After you meet people and exchange photos, you will chat with each other in your target language.

Here is a complete list of all your dating websites. I should add that if you are an American or Canadian female, you have a much better chance at meeting a man on these websites. It appears that women have a much better selection and chance of meeting a man. I browsed a few of them. Meetic is clearly the best one.

Meetic Italy 
Meetic France
Incontrati Italia
E-Kontakt.se - Sweden
Meetic Germany
Parperfetio- Brazil
Nexa.Nl - Holland
Meetik.DK - Denmark
NorgeDating - Norway
Elligue - Mexico

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