Sunday, January 2, 2011

Röd eller Grön Mjölk ?

In Sweden, when you go to the store to buy milk you do not ask for low-fat, skim, whole, or two percent milk. You ask for red or green milk. Apparently, everyone will understand you.

Red milk ( Röd Mjölk )is milk with 3 percent fat.
Green milk ( Grön Mjölk ) has 1.5 percent fat.

Maybe you can ask for light milk, ( Lättmjölk which indicates less than normal milk fat.

For the most part, when they talk about what kind of milk they drink or what kind of milk they have with their cereal in the morning, the Swedes will say they take röd eller grön mjölk.

One of the largest food providers from all of Europe is Arla. Check out their Swedish food website here! ARLA SVIERGE They have an additional page called Arla Köket ( Arla kitchen).

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