Sunday, January 16, 2011

On learning Arabic ...

Youtube is full of resources for anyone who wants to learn Arabic. There are lots of great channels for learning Arabic, but there is one little problem.

Youtube has a lot of Muslims who will try to convert you to Islam, or get you to learn Quranic Arabic instead of modern standardized Arabic. I just wish we could take the good Arabic Videos from Youtube, cut out all the religious stuff, and just put them together for people who want to learn the language - but do not want anyone trying to convert them to Islam.

Here are just three channels for learning Arabic on Youtube. These people have a lot of good videos, yet still can not manage to stay away from the religious stuff. They would get a lot more subscribers if the cut the religious stuff out completely.

Arabic One  Great channel!
Arabic Two This guy has the Quran as a background in his channel, but at least he does not mix religion into his channel.
Arabic Three  This man made a lot of good videos, but his early videos did have religious mumbo-jumbo.

I challenge anyone to make a Youtube channel for learning modern standardized Arabic and NOT do anything with religion. Is that possible ? Is this too much to ask???

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Naomi said...

Dear Readers,

The first comment someone tried to post on this blog was about religion.

Just so you know - any comments that are about religion will be deleted.

This blog is about language ONLY.

So Muslim, stop leaving hateful comments.

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