Monday, January 31, 2011

Modersmjölksersättning - Foreign Language Parenting Websites

 As a new mother, I find myself drawn to the internet to look for various baby related topics. I like to use websites that are credible, usually backed by some National Pediatric Association. There is a lot of wrong information on the net, so we have to be careful what we read.

Allt för föräldrar – Sweden, one of the more popular Swedish language sites has a lot of good information for parents. It is also easy to navigate. I was really amused when I came across this word – Modersmjölksersättning. I mean really, who needs a word with that many letters?! – France
Alfemminile - Italy


Kim said...

You would be very amused by reading a Finnish text, just about every word looks likes "modersmjölksersättning" :)

akon Satar said...

I’m surely coming again to read these articles and blogs
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