Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Vacation in Ixtapa Mexico

I am in Ixtapa Mexico with the family. My father in law bought everyone a plain tickets from Mexico City to Ixtapa. He did not want to drive all the way here from Mexico City. It is a long drive. We would also have to go through some dangerous areas.

For the past week I have been playing with my beautiful baby, swimming, and biking. Two days ago I rode 18 kilometers. I was exhausted. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do those kinds of things. There are so people I know who are so unhealthy that they cannot ride down the street and back without fainting. It sucks to be them.

Anyway, while on vacation I decided to spend about 15 minutes a day studying language. I know some people are going to say, ¨Naomi, you are on vacation. You should not be studying at all.¨

I have been here for a week already. Everyday I take a dip in the pool. I take my son out for a walk. I look up at the palm trees, bright flowers, and sandy beaches. Do not worry about me not enjoying myself. I am having a blast.

I spend only 15 vacation-minutes a day writing sentences in my notebook. I work mostly on Swedish, and a little on Spanish.

For Christmas, I received a $100 gift card for With that gift card I am going to buy three books: two books in Advanced Spanish Grammar and one book on Swedish Grammar. On Amazon one can also buy used books. I do not need anything new, so all the books I am going to buy are used. Even in the University I always bought used books. New books are a complete waste of money. With the rest of the money on the gift card, my husband is going to get whatever he wants.

This photo was taken of me studying Swedish today!

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